Salon Mastermind


10 Featured programs that will help you move forward in your business and in your life:

Team Training:

  • Gifted Hands
Become a Difference Maker. Capture the power of the mind by creating a winner’s image to maximize your gifts.
  • Personal Stepping Stones
A 12 Step Process toward personal growth that will carry into professional development.
  • Professional Stepping Stones/Guest Relations
Did you ever wonder why some stylists can build a clientele immediately, while others are trying to figure out how? Learn to build a successful clientele one step at a time.
  • 4 Components of a Successful Salon/Business
Strengthen your skills and take your business to new levels by incorporating these 4 powerful stepping stones into your business.
  • Acres of Diamonds
Do you want to maximize your surroundings and really see how valuable your area is? Learn the power of local marketing and create memberships and services that can last a lifetime.

Leadership Training:

  • Goodbye Micro-Management
Become a top-notch leader. Build a quality team through leading by example.
  • Effective Team Building
How well is your team stepping together? Learn effective communication skills to build a high-performance team.
  • Successful Event Planning
Do you want new guests to experience the best you have to offer? Do you want to re-energize existing guests and discover the secrets of effective marketing from start to finish?
  • Salons & Spas Stepping Up
Get more actively involved in your community to pay it forward.

Mystery Shopper

Using the 12 stepping stones to build clientele, the personal “mystery shopper” will evaluate your team from start to finish and leave you with a detailed report so you can ehnance your services.

Investing in YourTeam is Investing in Your Future